Join Us?

#Join Us?


We are looking for both senior and junior programmers.

You might already be a seasoned software architect with several years in the industry under your belt, and looking for new challenges. You are good at what you do and able to ensure that teams will build beautiful and pragmatic software systems together with our customers. You work fluently in FP languages and are eager to learn more.

You can equally well be a young and aspiring programmer with interest in web & mobile development and functional programming, especially with Clojure & ClojureScript.


Metosin is a flat and transparent organisation without bosses or bureaucracy. We enjoy studying new things (and drinking beer) together and hoard cool new gear and tech to play with. Everyone attends international conferences to learn about new things.

Open source software is close to our hearts. We have open sourced some of our internal libraries and we contribute actively to libraries maintained by others. We organise community events and conferences, give out trainings and tech talks, and sponsor and speak at both local and international conferences.

Our goal is to offer everyone a great working environment with great peers, interesting projects and challenges, good benefits and a cozy atmosphere that a small company can provide. We are currently present in Tampere and Helsinki.


If you think Metosin could be your new home, don't hesitate to contact us now at We'll return to you within a couple of days.

As an applicant we will interview you, and you'll meet and pair-program with the guys and will implement a small app on your own time.