Clojure programming with concurrency and scale

Date:Friday, 1st September 2017
Time:09:00 - 15:45
Price500€ + VAT


This training focuses on two aspects of Clojure programming:

Training is targeted to Clojure programmers who have knowledge on Clojure basics, and who would like to learn more about programming for concurrency and how to architecture code base in larger applications.


The main topics are:

In this training attendees get a hands-on training on these topics using tools such as core.async, protocols and clojure.spec.


The trainer is Mr. Christophe Grand. Christophe is an independent dev and trainer, working from the French countryside. He has been clojuring for so long that he remembers when there was no multimethods and core.clj was called boot.clj.

He is least known for suggesting the ^:keyword shorthand to Rich, mildly known for coauthoring Clojure Programming, but mostly he is known from open-source libraries (for example enlive, xforms, and moustache) and his excellent talks around the globe (like in clojureD, clojure-conj, and ClojuTRE).


The training language is English. Bring your own laptop with your favourite Clojure development environment.


Lapland hotel, Yliopistonkatu 44, Tampere


500€ + VAT

Price includes breakfast, lunch, coffees, admittance to SmallFP conference, and sauna.


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This training is organised by Metosin Oy