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Our specialities
Open Source, Clojure and Cloud-based Information Systems

Our specialties are in functional programming, data processing and modern cloud-based technologies. Whether the data needs to be modelled as streams, tables, rows, documents, graphs, facts or even bi-temporally, we have it covered.

We are not tied to any specific language or technology and try to use the best tools for the job, and we select them together with our customers. If the right tools aren’t available, we’ll roll our own.

We are experts in Clojure and ClojureScript, which are a great fit for developing elegant and robust data-driven applications for the cloud. Python, R, Scala and JavaScript are also part of our standard toolbox. We favour devops practices and use tools such as Terraform and Ansible for defining Infrastructure.

With difficult problems we work smart, not hard. When challenges appear we take a step back and think about how to deliver value instead of pushing on blindly.


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Open source for all
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We build on Open Source Solutions and have open sourced many of our own tools too, with millions of downloads, which are used by large enterprises and start-ups all around the world.

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If you have problems with your data pipelines or with any of our open source tools, we'd love to help. Get in touch with us and we'll find a way to make our tools work for you.