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How Likely Are You To Recommend Metosin Services?

Christmas come earlyLink to Christmas come early

We at Metosin got the best Christmas present we could’ve wished for, from our customers. Wrapped in warm thoughts and heart-shaped greetings, we got the results of our Customer Satisfaction Survey. We asked our customers how they see us, and how satisfied they have been with our services, and we are smitten by the results.

The short story is, our NPS score was 84%, which is really good by any standards (it can range between -100 and 100). 84% of our customers are likely to recommend our services to others. We feel the same, by the way, we can warm-heartedly recommend our customers.

Some more insights from the surveyLink to Some more insights from the survey

In addition to the basic question, the customers were asked to describe us in three words, and the most common words were Professional, Trustworthy and Co-operative. Our consultants are often praised for their expertise and reliability and co-operation skills also face to face.

They were also asked 5 detailed questions on the co-operation, on a scale of 5, and all bar one got a score between 4 and 5, so excellent results altogether.

As we want to focus on delivering exactly (and nothing but) what the customers needs, we are especially happy to score 4,6 (out of 5) on “The outcome of the co-operation matches with my expectations”.

The one question where we scored the lowest, was on Communications: “I feel that communication from Metosin works well for customers and partners”, where we got 3,84 out of 5. This is definitely an area we want to look at, and have already found someone to join our team to work on communications and marketing. We will also focus on the communications around our projects, directly from our consultants to our customers.

Some words on Customer ExperienceLink to Some words on Customer Experience

Customer Experience is a hot topic, and is becoming more and more critical also in B2B business. It should be taken into account in everything the company does, not just glued on top at the last minute, or even worse, in the marketing materials. And in order to know how you are doing, and how to improve, you should find a way to measure it. As a small company, we only have a few customers, and we were eager to get results quickly, so for us, the best way was to conduct this survey via phone interviews. The alternative would of course be an email survey or a micro feedback solution, but as they tend to give much lower response rates, we went for this option. For anyone interested in B2B Customer Experience, I can recommend this excellent book on B2B Customer Experience (so far only in Finnish).

Background on NPSLink to Background on NPS

NPS stands for Net Promotor Score, and is a common method used to measure Customer Satisfaction. The customer is asked “on a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend this service/product to your colleagues/friends/family”. The answers are aggregated and produce an NPS score, between -100 and 100. Anything above 0 is kind of good, and above 50 is generally considered excellent. There are many opinions on the usefulness of the measure, but as it is widely used and recognised by many, it made sense for us to use it. Here you can find some explanations on how NPS is surveyed and interpreted.

Eeva Lennon