We nurture a supportive culture, defy stereotypes and assemble the community of our craft

We are people-people
We embrace open
We dig deep
We are the founders of ClojuTRE

Simple solutions, built to last

We start by asking "Why?". We keep asking until we understand how the problem we're solving affects the technology, the stakeholders, and the entire business.

Once we fully understand the problem, we zoom back in. Focusing on points where value is created, then handcrafting solutions that are elegant, effective and durable. From tailored software to new open-source tools, whatever we make should always be easy to use and simple to update.

All our projects are precision projects — doing less, but better. Finding simple solutions to complex problems. It's not just about a paycheck, but our responsibility to the wider development community and our desire to use our skills to make a positive impact.


Good Times, Great Work

For each new project, our goal isn't just to provide a thoughtfully crafted solution: we want to provide a great experience, too. It creates better results and friendships for life.

We enjoy a dialogue. We're good listeners. We reject the stereotype that engineers aren't good with people. In addition to smart ideas, we show up with warm-hearted optimism, supportive spirit and a sense of humor.

Many brilliant ideas have come from time spent with clients, so we keep the conversation flowing. We don't view teams through the lens of our people vs. the client's people: we're all pulling together to find the right solution to a problem.

On the bench

We start by asking "Why?"

Our origin story

Working out of client offices and cafes. A coffee-drenched laptop on the first day. Metosin's origin story didn't get off to the best start. But nothing worth building is ever easy. We soon found our recipe for success: building a culture based on a love of our craft and a passion for finding elegant solutions to hard problems.

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Meet Metosin

Jarppe Länsiö

Scene person

Mikko Heikkilä
Juho Teperi

Reagent maintainer

Arttu Kukkonen
Henna Jalosalmi
CCO (On maternity leave)

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