At Metosin, we're obsessed with simplicity. There's no greater feeling than finding a simple solution to a hard problem. But simple doesn't mean easy. Usually, it's the opposite. Whether we're crafting coffee, cocktails or code, making the effort to do it the right way over the easy way lies at the heart of who we are.


Talented engineers will always have their pick when it comes to where they work. At Metosin, we have our hearts set on harnessing our skills for the best purposes. That means seeking out the most interesting, meaningful — and yes, challenging — projects we can get our hands on. Across all industries and time zones.


We unapologetically prioritize our team over the individual. It's the only way to build a happy culture that loves to collaborate. We don't do hierarchies. We lead by example and take turns sharing, teaching and mentoring one another. No one's ever ready until they have a chance to prove it, so we challenge and encourage one another to take every opportunity to grow. Work/life balance is universally important, but means something different to everyone. We leave it up to you to decide where, when and how you work best. Our benefits are competitive, but if we don't offer something that's important to you, let's talk about it.

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