A world-famous Clojure house, Metosin is known for the high-touch approach to developing resilient systems. When the project is finished, our clients own a beautiful answer to their problem.

Resilient systems
A world-famous clojure house
high-touch high-tech
a way of co-creation

How the work gets done

Small but mighty

Smaller teams mean a more collaborative approach, shorter meetings, and the flexibility to get more done, faster. We customize the team to best fit the client and the task at hand, simple as that.

Big-picture approach

Before we solve a problem, we need to understand the technical implications. Of equal importance, we need a solid understanding of how the business and its people (that's both employees and customers) will be affected. This means asking a lot of questions, then listening closely to the answers.

Open dialogue

We have a culture of mentorship and sharing our expertise freely. We have a passion for breaking down the abstract so it's easier to grasp. Our solutions are enhanced by the thoughts and questions of our clients; feel free to ask us anything!

Build what's worth building

The last thing we want to do is build something unnecessary or change things just because. It's a waste of our time and your money. We focus on building only the essential components needed to effectively solve the problem.

Agile to our core

To us, Agile is the philosophy at the heart of how we approach each project. We come together with the client to form a single team, merging our collective talents and experience. Whatever the project, we have the expertise to build what you need while saving you time and money. It brings a whole new dimension to what it means to be truly Agile.

Why Clojure?

Clojure is a modern programming language for writing effective programs that solve real-world problems, especially when it comes to processing large sets of data. Clojure is used in a wide variety of applications, including web development, big data processing and artificial intelligence. Its resilient functionality helps to prevent errors while making programs more reliable and scalable at the same time.

While we have expertise in a variety of programming languages, if we get to choose, we usually choose Clojure. It's a powerful, yet versatile language that's well-suited to crafting elegant, sustainable solutions to complex problems across a multitude of industries.

True believers in open-source

Our contributions to open-source software libraries have helped us build a worldwide reputation for excellence in Clojure — and other languages, too. We're flattered, but that's not why we do it.

Playing an active role in the larger development community is essential to our culture. It pushes us out of our comfort zones and allows us to harness our skills for the best purposes. Knowledge is supposed to be shared, which is why we proudly contribute our learnings to the worldwide community of our craft.

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