It doesn't matter if we're building, consulting, or training: we make sure our clients co-create along with us and have a great time doing it. This leads to better results and happier clients, 100% of the time.

Software development

We work in small, close-knit teams to focus in on points where value is created. The technological, business and stakeholder implications are thoughtfully considered through every stage of development. From tailored software to new open-source tools, we build solutions that are easy to customize, easy to scale, easy to update.


As industry and community leaders in Clojure software development, our expertise is sought out across time zones and industries. If you're a CTO or a founder with big ambitions and limited time, a team of advanced engineers can make all the difference. We'll help you figure out exactly what needs to be built, then create a plan, and execute it with the precision that only an advanced team of professionals can deliver.

And if you find yourself in need of an interim-CTO or an Engineering Manager, we can help with that, too.

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Doesn't matter if you're a total newbie or an old pro looking to learn some new tricks. Come learn from a group of people who are experts in their craft, with a passion for sharing knowledge in a way that's encouraging and down-to-earth.

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