Want to pick complicated problems apart and find elegant ways to solve them? Join a team of unconventional makers, who love their craft?
Metosin team at a meeting

We are a well-known FP & Clojure house, with a particular philosophy about life, the universe, and serving our customers. Being part of the wider community of developers, we want to harness our skills for the best purposes. We embrace open source. Our minds are firmly set on finding the most interesting and meaningful projects from around the world.

We offer a happy environment, where you can safely be yourself, stretch your limits, and have a say in our shared future. Becoming a partner is a choice everyone can make at Metosin.

With us, the team is the core unit, rather than the individual. We all learn by sharing, teaching, and mentoring each other – at Metosin and within the wider community. Here nobody's ever ready, or on their own.

Work should be a great part of a balanced life, and we want to hear what that means for you. Where and when you work, remote or in the studio, you will know best. Our benefits are competitive and if we don’t offer something you value, let’s talk about it.

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