Juho and Tuukka programming.
Why Metosin?

We are a group of skilled programmers. We consult, educate and implement challenging software projects. Metosin is the first Finnish software house specializing in Clojure. We arrange annually the biggest North-European Clojure conference called ClojuTRE.

We have two offices – in Tampere and Helsinki.

Why Clojure?

We can handle several working methods and programming languages, even though we prefer Clojure. It is a multipurpose language for software development and it enables agile way of working. In addition to start-ups, Clojure has been utilized in development of many public sector services. In a nutshell: it works and we can do it!

Paper airplanes

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We help our customer with software projects, and we consult and educate our customers' teams.

We’re super satisfied with quality Metosin delivers.

It has been a true pleasure to work with Metosin.

Innovative way of working, an insight into customer's business, and these guys are active in developing it!


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