We implemented web and mobile apps for healthcare data, collaborating with real end users at every step.


Unitary Healthcare

About Unitary Healthcare

Unitary Healthcare provides a patient logistics solution for public healthcare providers. Their solution manages the logistics for non-urgent patient transfers at the district level, including internal hospital transfers, health centre transfers, and sharing facilities between municipalities. It also integrates the transfer of things like patient information.

What did Metosin do?

Metosin implemented a web app and a mobile app for the iOS and Android platforms. The project involved a comprehensive technology partnership, from the prototype and piloting phase all the way to winning the competitive bid for the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, including the implementation project with EHR system integrations and the system maintenance. The product ownership, service design and implementation were done in close collaboration with Unitary Healthcare doctors and the end-customers.


We built and delivered a robust service that solves a real problem for health care professionals. The user feedback has been stellar.

Why did we choose Metosin?

“Metosin provided a flexible technology partnership model that allowed us to get up to speed fast without hiring a full team of engineers ourselves. We are happy to have them taking care of the technological aspects of our solution.”

Taavi Saviauk
CEO, Unitary Healthcare

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