We helped Qvantel turn a complex vision into a new, ground-breaking service.


Qvantel has over 20 years of experience of working as a pioneer in the development of business support systems for telecom operators.

What did Metosin do?

Metosin delivered services for a business area that Qvantel did not have their own expertise in. The collaboration began with a pilot, and this then expanded into a fully-fledged software project. Metosin was responsible for the UX design, software development, system integration and testing.

Why did we choose Metosin?

"We were very pleased that Metosin was able to provide the UX, implementation, integration and testing capabilities needed. It has been a true pleasure to work with Metosin. The team has been self-steering and able to adopt our patterns where appropriate. Software drops have been consistently delivered on time with good quality.

We knew they had previous experience in implementing telecom operators' business processes and document management systems. The implementation team was self-guided and they adapted easily to our ways of working. Metosin’s development work is high quality and they always deliver on time."

Kai Keinänen
Head of Software Development

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