We built a data management and mapping system to replace their old infrastructure and improve their productivity.



About Johtotieto Oy

Johtotieto Oy is a Finnish state-owned provider of location information and cable location services. The company handles hundreds of thousands of display requests each year from civil engineering companies, municipalities, excavators, planners and authorities.

What did Metosin do?

Metosin built a field work management system with in-depth reporting and map functionalities that provide all the necessary information about underground infrastructure and related work requests. The system can be accessed through the contractor's operational control system, so the relevant people can see who is doing what, where they are and how the work is progressing. Metosin also provided help in integrating the system with third parties. The system and its support functions are constantly being developed.


The new system was developed right on schedule, which allowed transition from the old infrastructure to a modern and fault-tolerant cloud-based environment. The new system provides better security, more detailed audit logs and autonomous fault recovery in event of problems. In addition to system development, Metosin worked tightly with Johtotieto to enhance the level of business process digitalization, which enabled Johtotieto to make great leaps in productivity. And, by removing the need for unnecessary paperwork, the new system also saves tons of CO2 emissions.

“They work like they’re doing it because they want to.”

Why did we choose Metosin?

“We operate in the infrastructure sector, so we were looking for a safe, long-term partner. Metosin met our requirements. They have an innovative way of working and good insight into the customer's business, which they also help to develop.”

“Large software companies can offer many types of expert. However, they also have a layer of management between them and the customer, so the schedules and the concept can get stretched. Sometimes it’s like you ended up with a moped instead of a motorbike – or vice versa. In contrast, Metosin’s system is made to be easily customizable and makes making changes quick. They work like they’re doing it because they want to.”

Petri Nuutinen
Managing director, Johtotieto

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