We built a scalable platform for managing IoT data, which can grow with the customer’s business.


Connected Finland

About Connected Finland

Connected Finland Oy builds, operates and develops the Sigfox network in Finland and Estonia. Connected Finland also supplies IoT devices, projects, and FoxerIoT services to Sigfox network partners.

What did Metosin do?

Metosin designed and developed a SaaS platform called FoxerIot, which manages IoT devices and the data gathered by the devices. The service platform contains databases that host a large amount of sensor data from clients' IoT devices, including data related to property maintenance, equipment usage and remote measurement. The service is built with scalability in mind, so it can meet the needs of a large number of users and thousands of devices.


“We are very satisfied with the quality of their work,” says, Markku Patronen, Managing Director, Connected Finland Oy. “Metosin's team was very dynamic and autonomous! All the work was done as promised and on schedule. They also rapidly developed more functionalities for us as new requirements were discovered during the project. Connected Finland started using the FoxerIoT platform and we already have successful customer cases around the world.”

Why did we choose Metosin?

“We wanted to use a top team with experience in building scalable service platforms for international markets.”

Markku Patronen
Managing Director, Connected Finland Oy

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