Software Development and Consulting

#Software Development and Consulting

We help our customer with software projects, and we consult and educate our customers' teams.

Here are some of our reference customers. Further descriptions are in only in Finnish.

We’re super satisfied with quality Metosin delivers.

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It has been a true pleasure to work with Metosin.

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Innovative way of working, an insight into customer's business, and these guys are active in developing it!

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They are inspired and they have skilled and experienced people.

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The way Metosin works is proactive, and the technology they can handle, is interesting to us as well.

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Software company! Are you interested in good tools and personnel development? Is your own Clojure-project facing challenges? We are the most active, highly skilled Finnish Clojure-training partner. We will arrange trainings for your needs. Here are some examples of our packages:

Clojure Bootcamp is a 2-day training session, where we introduce Clojure and a full-stack web system with UI and database. This course is a good starting point for getting to know Clojure. You can continue by yourself or continue with us with Clojure Kickstart.

Clojure Kickstart consists of training and consulting. The goal of this combination package is to bring lessons learned into practice.

Past trainings