From software development to consulting and training, Metosin offers the kinds of services that help our clients solve their problems.
Metosin team innovating

How we work

We tackle projects with small, expert teams using an interdisciplinary approach. First, we take the time to thoroughly understand each problem, to see the whole picture and find the best solution. Then we do what’s needed to make the project successful. It’s a simple recipe.

Programmers working

Simple by design

At Metosin, we offer straight-forward customer service and we keep things as simple and efficient as we can. From consulting to programming, we’re friendly and matter-of-fact, and we get things done quickly and without fuss.

We deliver what you need

We don’t change things just for the sake of change. We don’t build unnecessary tools, services or solutions. We don’t add extras you don’t want. Instead, we focus on the essentials and what you really need. And because we know what we’re doing, it takes us less time to do it well.

Software Development

We prefer to work in small teams. We design and implement modern and user-friendly web applications and software systems, cloud-based applications and scalable data-platforms. We usually deliver complete projects with teams consisting of a Product Owner, a UX-designer, an architect/lead developer and full-stack developers. We can also provide specialists to share their expertise and support our clients’ development teams.


As experts in our field, we’re happy to provide consulting services to support our clients. We offer consulting for architecture (including enterprise, technology, data, information and integration), as well as for UX, lead developers and developers, and Lean and agile methods.


Interested in getting started with functional programming, data-driven design and Clojure(Script)? Have you always wanted to know Clojure like the back of your hand?

With us, you're in good hands. We are the first finnish software consultancy to specialise in Clojure. We have trained hundreds of Clojure users and we've honed our training for years.

We'd love to give you a hand in getting to know Clojure. Get in touch with us to find out more about our training, as well as our bespoke training days.

We train the experts: